The Kurukshetroid War – continued

 Just as Arjun faced his loved ones in battle and was initially filled with frustration and despair (this forms the very first part of the Bhagavad Gita ), so do we.
Let me break the queue and talk of society before getting talking about individuals. And talking of society, let us begin with the very unit of society – the family. It may happen, though it is not always the case that the family may create what I call the ‘illusion of control’ which is worse than having no control at all. The illusion of control leads one to think that all mistakes are his or her own fault. It may also lead to the delusion of success being one’s own as well. (which it is most of the time, but also is a product of several efforts). Then there is the quintessential herd mentality…
Now, let’s come back to the main point – the hypocrisy and fratricidal conflict in society. There does come a time when you feel that the entire society is against you, the very society you may call yours own. This is mostly during the cases when we go against the herd mentality – choosing a career/a profession a field of study/ choosing one’s partner/ practising one’s political, social or religious beliefs – things which should be intensely personal but are sadly not so… Here is where we face Arjun’s dilemma – how do we fight against those who usually want the best for you? (which we later get to know, is based on their insecurity, preconceived, prejudiced views and the cliche’d fear of the untrodden path – to think that I have been quoting the great Robert Frost without knowing it for a long time!!)
Isn’t it better to give in, rather than “give them pain by paining oneself”? as one is “almost sure to face financial and overall ruin on following the untrodden path.”
Isn’t it a Kurukshetroid War that rages in a cold manner between the individual and societ? And especially when a large chunk of society is your family – and you can’t show them away saying what they think does not matter it does, at least, to me…
So who is the Krishna to my Arjun? Truth, reason and confidence is what ideally the Krishna should be. But, for the loyalists, tradition, law and social order play spoilsport. It would not be clever enough to give in to society, as it would coax you into believing that what you’re doing is going to turn out to be very beneficial…

2 thoughts on “The Kurukshetroid War – continued

  1. Great comparison Sharbatanu!!
    I remember the dilemma my family had to face when I had to choose an institute for undergraduate studies. In fact, my father and mother themselves had different opinions! Everyone we asked had an opinion and dozens of points in support of that particular choice (There were many points to oppose the other choices as well!).
    Of course, each one of them wanted the best for me but in such situations, I think you should stick to your own opinion. I had changed my own opinion when I found that one of the most respected persons in my life had a different one. But then, I wasn't happy and quickly changed it back.
    I remember a learning which I had gained from the movie '3 Idiots' that if you'll stick to your own decision, then it would prevent you from blaming others if you tend to fail afterwards and hence you will be motivated to work harder to prove yourself.

  2. Indeed, that is what I am trying to religiously follow for some time now, trying to take a decision and sticking to it, so that me, only I, can bear the consequences, with no guilt or accusatory attitude!

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