Silence: An Introduction

The sounds of silence are often deafening.
Especially so if you are from where I am. Maybe not from the exact place, maybe from another ‘state’, another ‘region’, but some time or the other you will find silence where it shouldn’t have been and cacophony,whether it should have or shouldn’t.
I am Silence. My mother often says I am silent most of the times I shouldn’t have been. These usually are times when knowledge is to be displayed. I am not silent when voices are to be raised. (Or maybe sometimes I am…) One is doubted, reprimanded, ridiculed, and ultimately his/her knell is sounded if one tends to raise one’s voice.
The same happens if one doesn’t raise one’s voice. This time the accusers include oneself, and those who think the same way as you do.
The silent can change the world in about the same way the overly expressive can.
But I must write a bit more about myself. I know not much about me. However, the fact remains that I am a student of IIT Kanpur, who hasn’t yet decided his major, is interested in almost all branches of science he’s dabbled in, as well as in some branches of humanities like history,literature (in and out), philosophy and sociology.This man is interested in research, would like to participate in politics and would also like to have a book published some day. Amidst pessimism, this man dares to be optimistic; believe in Gandhi, Bose and Marx; in parliamentary democracy; in mixed economy and recently in vegetarianism. 

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